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National Enery Policy Considered
Monday, May 17, 2010@ 11:53 AM
Author: admin

Every government plans its resources and their usage to benefit the country. The National Energy Policy includes all aspects of energy development, production, distribution and of course consumption. It will also include energy conservation and taxation. Energy is of utmost importance in our life in countless ways.

The energy that we use today generally comes from the fossil fuels and unless we try and explore the newer renewable sources there would be soon a time when we will just run out of them. We need to consider the long term effects that might affect us as well like the environment, depletion of the natural sources, pollution and global climate change. This is where the National Energy Policy comes in. It is the country’s challenge to develop an energy plan that would keep all of these in mind and strive to provide affordable and sufficient energy to the people of the country. It depends on the government to plan and use the energy resources available to us.

The National Energy Policy consists of many legal agreements and agency directives and gives importance to energy security and international policies regarding it. The major factors on which the National Energy Policy revolves are:

• International Energy security policy
• International trade agreements
• Legislations on energy activities like trade, storage and transport
• Statement regarding energy planning, generation, transmission and use
• Details of any energy related research and development
• Fiscal polices related to energy services and products
• Legislations affecting efficiency and emission standards

The above mentioned are the basic parameters on which the National Energy Policy is built. The countries build their policies keeping these parameters in mind but each policy gives utmost importance to the needs and demands of the country before anything. Each policy is unique to the specific needs of the country. For instance, the National Energy Policy of USA is defined by the federal, local state and public policies, all of which together address the issues of energy production, distribution and consumption not only for the present but also for the future.

Similarly Europe and United Kingdom both have National Energy Policy addressing the demands, resources and needs of the country. In case of UK, it has an ambitious goal to reduce carbon emission. Russia too has its own energy policy and is a super power supplying energy to the European Union. The energy policies are all made keeping in mind the benefit of the nation and for general welfare.

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High Gas Prices
Monday, May 17, 2010@ 11:48 AM
Author: admin

In the fast moving and rapidly developing world of today, where energy is a very important requirement for all the day-to-day activities it is very much necessary to keep in mind the rise in prices of energy resources especially gas which is used by man in almost all spheres of work. Petroleum and other non-renewable products that are scarce and available in only a limited quantity have been subject to high prices due to its reckless and incessant use by most people today. In fact, the high gas prices are a real cause of worry for people all over the world as it devours a sizeable portion of their income, thereby reducing their purchasing power and disrupts the standard of living of the common person. This in turn leads to civil unrest and protests.

In many countries where politics has a strong hold and where people are incensed by political leaders for their own selfish purpose the high gas prices can in fact cause a tumultuous wave of revolution and disrupt the normal life of the people. Civil unrest and protests that arise as a result of the high gas prices can in fact lead to mass agitation and violence and cause loss especially in the automobile and other related industries, leading to a huge drop in sales and makes the company suffer untold losses.

Foreign investors who see this particular atmosphere of the nation resulting from high gas prices will be discouraged and thus the country loses the valuable exchange and benefits that come along with foreign investments. Major players in the automobile industries like Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW, etc, may be forced to close down their outlets and set up new markets elsewhere in the continent making it difficult to bring quality cars to the common man of today.

If we take into account the balance of trade and the import of the country, we can find that gas makes up the highest part of the total. As the fossil reserves are less and geography of the nation is one that limits further exploration of places that may contain huge deposits of oil high gas prices is a serious burden on the economy of the nation.

Overall, the fact that scientist have not been able to fully tap the benefits of the renewable sources of energy makes the high gas prices unbearable. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt those means where sources of energy like wind, water, sunlight can be incorporated and tapped to meet the needs of the common person. So let us take a firm step to conserve these non-renewable sources so that we may beat the burden of high gas prices and make life a lot more comfortable for all.

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Former Shell CEO on President’s Push to Raise Taxes on Oil Companies

This is a rush transcript from “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” May 13, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

NEIL CAVUTO, ANCHOR: All right, well, oil and gas prices dropping this week, but that might not last too long. President Obama is now backing legislation to immediately hike taxes on oil companies. The funds would help clean up the BP oil spill, among other things.

Here now, former Shell CEO John Hofmeister.

John, where is this going?

JOHN HOFMEISTER, FORMER CEO, SHELL: Well, I think the government needs to demonstrate to the American people in its own mind that they’re in charge of the situation and they want to take actions that they can self-promote what they’re doing as government….

Read the full transcript at:


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Energy and Political Responsibility
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:20 PM
Author: admin

Energy and political responsibility seem to go on hand in hand. Political responsibility is very much involved because it is the government that chooses the energy plans for the country, and they are the ones who make all the decisions regarding energy and energy crisis. It is the responsibility of the government to choose an energy plan that will be the best for the country, and do the least harm to the environment.

Many people easily link energy and political responsibility. This is because they know that the government has a duty towards the country and the environment as well, and the link between energy and political responsibility ensures that they do the best to balance the energy consumption and the environment as well.

These days, more and more people are becoming aware of the climatic changes that are being brought about as a direct result of the consumption of energy. They look towards the link between energy and political responsibility hoping that the government can do anything better to help the environment. Of course, there are a few things that you yourself could do, to help the environment – make changes in your energy consumption practices. But in order to have a significant effect on the environment, energy and political responsibility should walk hand in hand. Meaning, the government should take steps in order to ensure that industries and households use energy conservatively. The government should make changes in policies, and of energy development, its distribution and consumption.

A sick planet is no good for anyone. The influence of energy on the climate is just a part of the process. As people consume more and more natural resources from the planet, this depletion of resources affects the health of out planet, as well as the health of all the businesses and industries that exist. When the government takes into consideration energy and political responsibility, they see that what they need to do is to make use of renewable energy, instead of the traditional methods. The use of renewable energy makes sure that the health of the planet does not suffer, and neither do the resources get depleted. Renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, water, geo thermal energy, etc., are all naturally replenished over and over again. Of course, when taking water into consideration, it may be difficult to carry on with operations, if the rains do not come on time.

The link between energy and political responsibility exists, in order to make sure that the government does all it can, to ‘save’ the planet from ‘dying’!

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Responsible Energy Plans for a Better Planet
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:18 PM
Author: admin

Responsible energy plans begin with energy plans that keep the environment in mind. Responsible energy plans help us keep the environment from deteriorating, and make use of alternative sources of energy. The primary source of fuel or energy is petroleum. Throughout the ages, people were always finding alternative sources of energy and fuel, in order to save themselves from a possible natural disaster. For example, in the middle ages, coal was the alternative source of fuel for wood. If the people at that time had gone on with deforestation, then they would have definitely suffered a natural disaster because of the deforestation. Now, ethanol looks like it could be a very good alternative for petroleum. In Brazil, the use of ethanol is very famous; it is being employed in almost all the fuel stations in the country.

Responsible energy plans may suggest the use of renewable energy. Renewable energy refers to the sources of energy which can be replenished naturally. These include solar power, hydro power, wind power, geothermal power and modern bio mass. All these energy sources are naturally replenished, and the use of these sources of energy makes sure that the environment is not polluted with toxic substances either. For example, petroleum which is the primary source for fuel, gives out the highest amount of carbondioxide in to the atmosphere, which in turn causes global warming. Now with these responsible energy plans, all these renewable sources of energy do not produce any such harmful effects.

Hydro electricity makes up for the largest share of renewable energy that is being used. In the generation of electricity, hydro electricity accounts for about 18% of the electricity generated worldwide. If many more people keep coming up with responsible energy plans, soon, the whole world will see a change in the environment, making it more suitable to live in, by removing all the toxic substances out of it, and it could also help in reversing the global warming effect. Carbondioxide, which is a product of the combustion of petroleum, accounts for about 30 percent of the greenhouse gasses.

Responsible energy plans should eliminate the production of carbondioxide into the atmosphere. Of course, all living things breathe out carbon dioxide, but when compared to the amount of carbon dioxide that is being produced by all the vehicles, the industries and all other factors, this amount becomes a very small percentage of the total carbondioxide produced.

It is not only necessary to have responsible energy plans, but also to implement them, in order for us to have a better planet!

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Energy Systems and National Policy Help Us Go Green
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:12 PM
Author: admin

Energy Systems and National Policy Help Us Go Green

With the availability of fuel beginning to decline and their prices to increase, many governments all over the have linked the concepts of energy systems and national policy to reduce the usage of these precious fuels and the pollution caused by them. Governments have begun to offer incentives to their citizens to go green, and depend on renewable, non-polluting sources of energy. They have begun to understand the extent of the crisis, and the link between energy systems and national policy to promote green energy.

The UK government formed a new solar energy systems and national policy a while ago, with the aim of cutting down carbon emission. According to this policy, the government offered to pay the people who generated power using solar energy, even if they used the energy themselves. While the costs of solar panels are high, this policy motivated several citizens to have the energy systems installed. Several governments, including the US and European governments have begun selling the idea of energy systems and national policy to their people. They have begun to offer tax credits and benefits for users of renewable sources of energy in their lands.

The US government had one such incentive program called the Car Allowance Rebate System, or CARS. The program helps consumers buy or lease a more environmentally friendly vehicle when they trade in a less fuel-efficient car or truck. The program is aimed to energize the economy, boost auto sales and have safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles on the nation’s roads. Many energy systems and national policy programs offer financial assistance to those who wish to install renewable energy systems. Many of these national policies and programs spur market development and increase local demand for renewable energy systems.

The Japanese government offers increased subsidies for solar photovoltaics as well as all other renewable sources on energy. The idea of energy systems and national policy in Japan has made way for the policy makers to formulate plans that include direct investment in clean energy technology that could have a variety of positive impacts on Japan’s clean energy sector.

Renewable energy systems and national policy have begun to become the main agenda of almost every major government. The government departments dealing with energy come up with newer and newer ideas to promote the use of non-polluting and renewable sources of energy in their countries. The incentives offered range from aids for installation charges, to the provision of tax deduction for green energy systems. The plans for the energy systems and national policy are created keeping in mind the various kinds of clean energy.

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Alternative Energy Solutions for a Better Tomorrow
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:08 PM
Author: admin

Alternative Energy Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

The world is changing fast and coupled with it is our daily life. The list of basic amenities for survival is fast overlapping the conventional threshold of knowledge. Proper use of energy resources is vital to human existence in this planet. The conventional sources of power, as we all know, are being replaced by the alternative sources of energy. The pressure on the non-renewable energy bank adds to our woe. To fight this utterly gruesome situation, effective alternative energy solutions are needed.

Alternative energy solutions relate to all the sources of power and energy hitherto unknown or less popular in terms of usage since their inception. These may relate to all forms of non-conventional sources of energy including- wind, tidal, solar, geothermal, biological energy sources and so on. Effective energy solutions are the need of the day. With burgeoning crude oil prices around the globe, the world economy has leaped into a crucial time. To add to the already beefed up problem, the impact of global recession has marred the hopes of millions garnering a dream to grow and prosper.

With the shrinking natural resource pool, the demand for alternative energy solutions is growing sky-high. Coupled with it is the rapid growth rate of economies among the developing countries of the world. The growing demand for more power and energy from these countries have led to more utilization of natural resources and consequently putting more pressure on the natural store house of  non-renewable resources including fossil fuels like –coal and petroleum.

Proper energy solutions can only provide a considerable way out in these times of crisis.
Solar power is one of the best ways among alternative energy sources to compensate the power requirement. Solar power production and its utilization in various quarters have enhanced various sectors starting from agriculture to small-scale production units linked with micro entrepreneurship. Effective energy solutions come as the only source of respite.

Wave power or the tidal energy is another alternative power source that comes handy in these times of widespread energy shortage. The wave or tides generate enormous amount of power which if used effectively may serve as effective energy solutions in the near future. If properly utilized, geo-thermal energy holds a vast potential unlike other energy solutions fulfilling most of the energy requirements. To conclude it will not be wrong to say that vast potential in terms of alternative energy solutions still lay within our very grip, it only needs to be utilized in a judicious manner.

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Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:08 PM
Author: admin

The unaffordable energy bills are creating a serious problem in the USA. But can we think of life without electricity or cooking gas, the bare necessities of life? Energy causes things to move, run, change or happen. Each and every human being uses energy and other sources for his basic needs, and to increase their basic standard of living. The increase in use of energy has led to unaffordable energy bills and this is creating a lot of problems to most households, in the USA.

USA is the key oil consuming nation and hence, the ever increasing rise in the prices of crude oil by the suppliers, is creating great trouble for them. But what are the actual causes of such unaffordable energy bills?

The major causes may be cited as the following:-

  • Global economic expansion – There is higher than expected increase in the demand, in the industrialized countries.
  • US demand has soared up due to strengthening economic recovery and greater need for higher grade crude oil suitable for processing into petrol for the Sport Utility Vehicles.
  • It is Saudi Arabia only that has the spare capacity to make it available in the market. They are taking the full advantage of their position that is causing the unaffordable energy bills.
  • Unrest in the political field: – Differences of opinions has led to the terrible wars and killings, mostly in the energy supplying countries like Saudi Arabia, and certain other Arabian countries. The disruption of supply has led to increase in prices of energy, leading to unaffordable energy bills.
  • Environmental regulations: It demands new grades of energy and the processes to serve so many different markets, is highly expensive. Technology is going through radical changes and thereby, the use of energy too has innumerable variations, which again become the cause of the unaffordable energy bills.

But energy supply is a must for human life to go on. One can never stay without lighting up his home; cooking gas or driving to his workplace. Energy is a part and parcel of life. Hence, we are forced to meet with the unaffordable energy bills.

The only possible way to reduce the bills is to consume energy as less as possible. Use of power must be restricted by the authorities, so that there is even supply to everyone, and can thereby reduce unaffordable energy bills.

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Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:05 PM
Author: admin

The prices of energy are soaring higher and higher, and so it has become absolutely necessary to resort to affordable energy. Energy is the main source of life and hence, one must find out all about affordable energy and how it can be used to obtain the optimum benefit.

Energy derived from the sun is used for various purposes, among which generation of electricity is the most important utilization of heat, and power of the sun. The mission of affordable energy is to supply residential customers with the best quality service, at the cheapest price. It aims at reaching out to all classes of people, and tries to drive away the fear of unaffordable energy bills.

Now, let us find out how this is being done. It may be said to be a sort of business strategy also. There are different suppliers in the competitive market, who look into the interests of their customers, and at the same time, boost up their business also. Separate plans at various rates are offered to the buyers. One can select not only his supplier, but also the package that suits him best. There are no hard and fast rules for such choices. It is left to the discretion of the customer, and how he wants to use the affordable energy.

Another unique feature of the affordable energy is that the customers either residential, real estate owners or industrialists, everyone can view their bills online. This enables them to know the amount of energy they have consumed, and if required, can control such usage immediately. Payments of bills can also be made online.

The facility of choosing one’s own energy supplier helps the consumers to come in direct contact with the affordable energy provider, and discuss any problems that may arise, as the supplier is  close to one’s residence.

Just as we go for the different mobile connections and plans according to our needs, the same facility is available in such affordable energy supplies. Moreover, if there is any disruption in the supply, immediate steps are taken by them. The providers maintain the electric lines and restore service even after a storm. One does not have to run far, to report about the problem and get it repaired. This is a big advantage of the affordable energy and the system is very efficient for the busy consumers of the modern world.

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Impacts of Alternative Energy in The Past
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:02 PM
Author: admin

In a lay man’s words, alternative energy is the energy, which is produced without the consequences of the burning of fossil fuels, such as the high carbon dioxide emissions, which is the major cause for global warming. Alternative energy may sometimes also be used to refer to nuclear energy. Officially though, the term ‘alternative energy’ does not include nuclear energy.

The need for the use of alternative energy has always been there, whenever it looked like the existing source of energy would be depleted. Alternative energy is the term used for any source of energy that can be used to replace the fuel sources, without any consequences that the replaced fuels would otherwise have affected. The impacts of alternate energy are many.

One of the first impacts of alternative energy, was seen in the past when coal was used as an alternative for wood. In the late medieval period, coal was used as an alternative to wood. This was done in order to save the population of trees, as deforestation was consuming almost all the plant population. If they had gone on at that rate, they would have soon rid the entire planet of all the trees! The impacts of alternate energy here are seen as the use of coal made sure that deforestation for fuel (wood) was avoided. If they had continued on by deforesting, it would have resulted in a fuel and natural disaster!

At the start of the 19th century, whale oil was the main source for fuel and lubrication. How long would the whales last, if everyone kept killing them for the oil? This is exactly what happened. The source of lubricants and fuel started depleting very soon. By the mid of the century, the prices for whale oil were sky rocketing, and this is when cheap petroleum was discovered in Pennsylvania. The impacts of alternate energy made sure that whales survived through the ordeal.

In the same manner, there are many other impacts of alternate energy. What we have seen here, are just two examples of the impacts of alternate energy. The use of natural resources such as sunlight, wind and water, amplify the impacts of alternate energy. The use of sunlight, wind and water as energy, causes the least amount of damage to the environment. These sources are replenished naturally. These sources are called renewable energy sources, as they are renewed by themselves – naturally.

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