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National Enery Policy Considered
Monday, May 17, 2010@ 11:53 AM
Author: admin

Every government plans its resources and their usage to benefit the country. The National Energy Policy includes all aspects of energy development, production, distribution and of course consumption. It will also include energy conservation and taxation. Energy is of utmost importance in our life in countless ways.

The energy that we use today generally comes from the fossil fuels and unless we try and explore the newer renewable sources there would be soon a time when we will just run out of them. We need to consider the long term effects that might affect us as well like the environment, depletion of the natural sources, pollution and global climate change. This is where the National Energy Policy comes in. It is the country’s challenge to develop an energy plan that would keep all of these in mind and strive to provide affordable and sufficient energy to the people of the country. It depends on the government to plan and use the energy resources available to us.

The National Energy Policy consists of many legal agreements and agency directives and gives importance to energy security and international policies regarding it. The major factors on which the National Energy Policy revolves are:

• International Energy security policy
• International trade agreements
• Legislations on energy activities like trade, storage and transport
• Statement regarding energy planning, generation, transmission and use
• Details of any energy related research and development
• Fiscal polices related to energy services and products
• Legislations affecting efficiency and emission standards

The above mentioned are the basic parameters on which the National Energy Policy is built. The countries build their policies keeping these parameters in mind but each policy gives utmost importance to the needs and demands of the country before anything. Each policy is unique to the specific needs of the country. For instance, the National Energy Policy of USA is defined by the federal, local state and public policies, all of which together address the issues of energy production, distribution and consumption not only for the present but also for the future.

Similarly Europe and United Kingdom both have National Energy Policy addressing the demands, resources and needs of the country. In case of UK, it has an ambitious goal to reduce carbon emission. Russia too has its own energy policy and is a super power supplying energy to the European Union. The energy policies are all made keeping in mind the benefit of the nation and for general welfare.

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High Gas Prices
Monday, May 17, 2010@ 11:48 AM
Author: admin

In the fast moving and rapidly developing world of today, where energy is a very important requirement for all the day-to-day activities it is very much necessary to keep in mind the rise in prices of energy resources especially gas which is used by man in almost all spheres of work. Petroleum and other non-renewable products that are scarce and available in only a limited quantity have been subject to high prices due to its reckless and incessant use by most people today. In fact, the high gas prices are a real cause of worry for people all over the world as it devours a sizeable portion of their income, thereby reducing their purchasing power and disrupts the standard of living of the common person. This in turn leads to civil unrest and protests.

In many countries where politics has a strong hold and where people are incensed by political leaders for their own selfish purpose the high gas prices can in fact cause a tumultuous wave of revolution and disrupt the normal life of the people. Civil unrest and protests that arise as a result of the high gas prices can in fact lead to mass agitation and violence and cause loss especially in the automobile and other related industries, leading to a huge drop in sales and makes the company suffer untold losses.

Foreign investors who see this particular atmosphere of the nation resulting from high gas prices will be discouraged and thus the country loses the valuable exchange and benefits that come along with foreign investments. Major players in the automobile industries like Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW, etc, may be forced to close down their outlets and set up new markets elsewhere in the continent making it difficult to bring quality cars to the common man of today.

If we take into account the balance of trade and the import of the country, we can find that gas makes up the highest part of the total. As the fossil reserves are less and geography of the nation is one that limits further exploration of places that may contain huge deposits of oil high gas prices is a serious burden on the economy of the nation.

Overall, the fact that scientist have not been able to fully tap the benefits of the renewable sources of energy makes the high gas prices unbearable. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt those means where sources of energy like wind, water, sunlight can be incorporated and tapped to meet the needs of the common person. So let us take a firm step to conserve these non-renewable sources so that we may beat the burden of high gas prices and make life a lot more comfortable for all.

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John Hofmeister on America’s Energy Predicament
Sunday, May 16, 2010@ 1:02 PM
Author: admin

John Hofmeister: Our Energy Predicament Viewed from an Oil Company’s Perspective

Posted by Gail the Actuary on May 5, 2010 – 10:35am – theoildrum.com

“On Monday, May 3, John Hofmeister, recently retired president of Shell Oil Company, gave a luncheon speech at the Offshore Technology Conference on our energy predicament, and the challenges the oil and gas industry faces, viewed from inside the industry. I am not certain we will agree with everything he says, but thought we might think about the issues raised….”

Please read the entire article at:


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Energy Systems and National Policy Help Us Go Green
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:12 PM
Author: admin

Energy Systems and National Policy Help Us Go Green

With the availability of fuel beginning to decline and their prices to increase, many governments all over the have linked the concepts of energy systems and national policy to reduce the usage of these precious fuels and the pollution caused by them. Governments have begun to offer incentives to their citizens to go green, and depend on renewable, non-polluting sources of energy. They have begun to understand the extent of the crisis, and the link between energy systems and national policy to promote green energy.

The UK government formed a new solar energy systems and national policy a while ago, with the aim of cutting down carbon emission. According to this policy, the government offered to pay the people who generated power using solar energy, even if they used the energy themselves. While the costs of solar panels are high, this policy motivated several citizens to have the energy systems installed. Several governments, including the US and European governments have begun selling the idea of energy systems and national policy to their people. They have begun to offer tax credits and benefits for users of renewable sources of energy in their lands.

The US government had one such incentive program called the Car Allowance Rebate System, or CARS. The program helps consumers buy or lease a more environmentally friendly vehicle when they trade in a less fuel-efficient car or truck. The program is aimed to energize the economy, boost auto sales and have safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles on the nation’s roads. Many energy systems and national policy programs offer financial assistance to those who wish to install renewable energy systems. Many of these national policies and programs spur market development and increase local demand for renewable energy systems.

The Japanese government offers increased subsidies for solar photovoltaics as well as all other renewable sources on energy. The idea of energy systems and national policy in Japan has made way for the policy makers to formulate plans that include direct investment in clean energy technology that could have a variety of positive impacts on Japan’s clean energy sector.

Renewable energy systems and national policy have begun to become the main agenda of almost every major government. The government departments dealing with energy come up with newer and newer ideas to promote the use of non-polluting and renewable sources of energy in their countries. The incentives offered range from aids for installation charges, to the provision of tax deduction for green energy systems. The plans for the energy systems and national policy are created keeping in mind the various kinds of clean energy.

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Alternative Energy Solutions for a Better Tomorrow
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:08 PM
Author: admin

Alternative Energy Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

The world is changing fast and coupled with it is our daily life. The list of basic amenities for survival is fast overlapping the conventional threshold of knowledge. Proper use of energy resources is vital to human existence in this planet. The conventional sources of power, as we all know, are being replaced by the alternative sources of energy. The pressure on the non-renewable energy bank adds to our woe. To fight this utterly gruesome situation, effective alternative energy solutions are needed.

Alternative energy solutions relate to all the sources of power and energy hitherto unknown or less popular in terms of usage since their inception. These may relate to all forms of non-conventional sources of energy including- wind, tidal, solar, geothermal, biological energy sources and so on. Effective energy solutions are the need of the day. With burgeoning crude oil prices around the globe, the world economy has leaped into a crucial time. To add to the already beefed up problem, the impact of global recession has marred the hopes of millions garnering a dream to grow and prosper.

With the shrinking natural resource pool, the demand for alternative energy solutions is growing sky-high. Coupled with it is the rapid growth rate of economies among the developing countries of the world. The growing demand for more power and energy from these countries have led to more utilization of natural resources and consequently putting more pressure on the natural store house of  non-renewable resources including fossil fuels like –coal and petroleum.

Proper energy solutions can only provide a considerable way out in these times of crisis.
Solar power is one of the best ways among alternative energy sources to compensate the power requirement. Solar power production and its utilization in various quarters have enhanced various sectors starting from agriculture to small-scale production units linked with micro entrepreneurship. Effective energy solutions come as the only source of respite.

Wave power or the tidal energy is another alternative power source that comes handy in these times of widespread energy shortage. The wave or tides generate enormous amount of power which if used effectively may serve as effective energy solutions in the near future. If properly utilized, geo-thermal energy holds a vast potential unlike other energy solutions fulfilling most of the energy requirements. To conclude it will not be wrong to say that vast potential in terms of alternative energy solutions still lay within our very grip, it only needs to be utilized in a judicious manner.

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Climate Change and Energy Solutions
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 10:52 PM
Author: admin

Climate Change and Energy Solutions

Isn’t it true that with man’s over dependence on the fossil fuel has landed us in deep trouble? The consequences we are about to face is indeed disastrous. Climate change and energy solutions are what is happening and what we need now. The climatic conditions are changing and we need energy solutions.
Climate change and energy solutions are the need of the hour. The global warming and the climate change have been directly connected with the release of the green house gases. Why? Well it is directly connected because of the excessive use of coal, oil and fossil fuels.

With regard to the climate change and energy solutions it is indeed the right time to mention that we need to consider the alternatives to these sources of energy as this can directly lead to arresting the increase of the green house gases. Some of the other sources of energy that can be used and that have been experimented are solar energy, wind energy, water or the ocean energy, biomass energy, geothermal power, hydro-electric energy, and nuclear power.

Solar energy has been tested with regard to climate change and energy solutions. And it proved to be a source with immense potential. Solar energy gets all its energy from the sun directly. Solar panels are used in order to save solar energy. A very good example of solar energy would have to be the solar heaters. The main reason that everyone has not started using the solar energy is because it is very expensive but in the future it is bound to get cheaper with wider applications.
The wave and the wind energy have also been tested for climate change and energy solutions Wind mills have been in use for ages. The waves also proved to be helpful. The movement of the waves help generate energy. The bio mass and the hydro electric energy have been known for quite some time. Geo thermal is the energy that is drawn from the earth’s crust.

One of the best climate change and energy solutions is the nuclear power. The nuclear power is produced from splitting an atom or in other words the nuclear fusion generates energy. The only drawback of this source is the fact that there is a huge waste of nuclear by-product.
Thus a lot is needed and a lot is being done in connection with climate change and energy solutions. Join in and do your best!

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An Overview on Affordable Energy Independence
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 10:46 PM
Author: admin

An Overview on Affordable Energy Independence

Energy independence has turned out to be a major concern for the nations around the world along with the United States in recent years. Most of the nations including the United States are greatly dependent on the unstable oil producing countries for importing oil and other types of fossil fuels. The costs of getting these energy fuels shipped over have reached sky high, thus becoming a major issue of concern for the nations. Affordable energy independence is the cure to this brewing situation.

Consumptions of fossil fuels in the recent years have increased and have damaged the environment to a considerable level. This is also one of the main reasons for global warming. The solution to these serious and major problems that the world is facing today is to produce abundant renewable energy for affordable energy independence. These energy resources mainly include solar power, hydro power, wind power, tidal power, natural gas and many more. Many research and plans are going on all over the world on proper usage of natural resources to produce abundant energy for affordable energy independence. The nations are also conducting explorations for abundant fossil fuels within their own respected boundaries.

There are many reasons behind the planning of affordable energy independence. The main reason is that the nations which do not have sufficient energy resources are greatly dependant on foreign countries for supply of fossil fuel. It costs a lot of money in terms of shipping and purchase of the fuel resources creating a huge impact on the world economy. Another major reason is the environmental issue regarding global warming and pollution. Fossil fuels contribute to a greater extent to the damage of the environment. Because of these reasons all the nations are greatly thinking about affordable energy independence.

Many steps are being taken by the nations all around the world for having affordable energy independence. The countries are trying to search for oil and other energy resources and planning to drill within their own boundaries to reduce the costs of shipping and purchasing of fossil fuels from foreign nations. Using public transportation instead of own personal vehicle can also reduce the fuel costs. Renewable energy sources can be a great solution for affordable energy independence.
Proper conservation of energy resources can also provide affordable energy independence to the nations around the world. Many valuable researches are being conducted in the universities and labs all around the world to provide practical and effective solutions for the nation’s affordable energy independence.

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John Hofmeister is referenced on Soxfirst.com
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 2:32 PM
Author: admin

“BP’s reputation has taken a shellacking with the Gulf of Mexico spill which threatens to destroy the fisheries of the Gulf Coast and the wetlands of Louisiana. BP faces enormous clean-up and compensation bills. It’s also looking at a barrage of lawsuits, and a political backlash against the deep-water drilling which is such an important part of its business.

But then, everyone seems to hate oil companies. They all have bad reputations. As John Hofmeister writes in the Booz Allen Hamilton journal….”

Read the full article online at: http://www.soxfirst.com/50226711/why_we_hate_oil_companies.php

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For the full video, go to the NMCEP website, at http://nmcep.nmt.edu

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John Hofmeister writes for strategy+business
Thursday, May 6, 2010@ 9:13 PM
Author: admin

Why We Hate the Oil Companies

As Shell’s then top U.S. executive traveled the country, he discovered how corporate leaders create their own reputation for arrogance — and lose their chance to deliver the right message.

by John Hofmeister

This article, by a former president of Shell Oil, was written before the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 22 and the subsequent oil leak. It is adapted from a book by the same name to be published May 25 by Palgrave Macmillan.

On a brilliant blue sky Saturday morning in August 2006, I found myself in Erie, Pa. At that time (I have since retired), I was the president of the Shell Oil Company — the U.S.-based operating company of Royal Dutch/Shell, and itself one of the largest oil companies in the world. I was conducting an outreach tour.

Scene from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Photograph © John Gaps III/Associated Press

We had started the tour after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast in the late summer of 2005, just months after I became company president. Oil prices had been climbing for the past three years, and the serious supply disruptions caused by the storms sent them skyrocketing. I started receiving hate mail, including a drawing showing me hanging in effigy; not ex­actly what I expected when I took the job. Moreover, most lawmakers were ignoring the critical issues in energy: the need to guarantee affordable supply from as many sources as possible, to take climate change impact (and other emissions problems) seriously, and to safeguard energy security…..

Please read the entire article at :


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