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A Word from John Hofmeister
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Energy and Political Responsibility
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:20 PM
Author: admin

Energy and political responsibility seem to go on hand in hand. Political responsibility is very much involved because it is the government that chooses the energy plans for the country, and they are the ones who make all the decisions regarding energy and energy crisis. It is the responsibility of the government to choose an energy plan that will be the best for the country, and do the least harm to the environment.

Many people easily link energy and political responsibility. This is because they know that the government has a duty towards the country and the environment as well, and the link between energy and political responsibility ensures that they do the best to balance the energy consumption and the environment as well.

These days, more and more people are becoming aware of the climatic changes that are being brought about as a direct result of the consumption of energy. They look towards the link between energy and political responsibility hoping that the government can do anything better to help the environment. Of course, there are a few things that you yourself could do, to help the environment – make changes in your energy consumption practices. But in order to have a significant effect on the environment, energy and political responsibility should walk hand in hand. Meaning, the government should take steps in order to ensure that industries and households use energy conservatively. The government should make changes in policies, and of energy development, its distribution and consumption.

A sick planet is no good for anyone. The influence of energy on the climate is just a part of the process. As people consume more and more natural resources from the planet, this depletion of resources affects the health of out planet, as well as the health of all the businesses and industries that exist. When the government takes into consideration energy and political responsibility, they see that what they need to do is to make use of renewable energy, instead of the traditional methods. The use of renewable energy makes sure that the health of the planet does not suffer, and neither do the resources get depleted. Renewable energy sources like sunlight, wind, water, geo thermal energy, etc., are all naturally replenished over and over again. Of course, when taking water into consideration, it may be difficult to carry on with operations, if the rains do not come on time.

The link between energy and political responsibility exists, in order to make sure that the government does all it can, to ‘save’ the planet from ‘dying’!

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