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Impacts of Alternative Energy in The Past
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:02 PM
Author: admin

In a lay man’s words, alternative energy is the energy, which is produced without the consequences of the burning of fossil fuels, such as the high carbon dioxide emissions, which is the major cause for global warming. Alternative energy may sometimes also be used to refer to nuclear energy. Officially though, the term ‘alternative energy’ does not include nuclear energy.

The need for the use of alternative energy has always been there, whenever it looked like the existing source of energy would be depleted. Alternative energy is the term used for any source of energy that can be used to replace the fuel sources, without any consequences that the replaced fuels would otherwise have affected. The impacts of alternate energy are many.

One of the first impacts of alternative energy, was seen in the past when coal was used as an alternative for wood. In the late medieval period, coal was used as an alternative to wood. This was done in order to save the population of trees, as deforestation was consuming almost all the plant population. If they had gone on at that rate, they would have soon rid the entire planet of all the trees! The impacts of alternate energy here are seen as the use of coal made sure that deforestation for fuel (wood) was avoided. If they had continued on by deforesting, it would have resulted in a fuel and natural disaster!

At the start of the 19th century, whale oil was the main source for fuel and lubrication. How long would the whales last, if everyone kept killing them for the oil? This is exactly what happened. The source of lubricants and fuel started depleting very soon. By the mid of the century, the prices for whale oil were sky rocketing, and this is when cheap petroleum was discovered in Pennsylvania. The impacts of alternate energy made sure that whales survived through the ordeal.

In the same manner, there are many other impacts of alternate energy. What we have seen here, are just two examples of the impacts of alternate energy. The use of natural resources such as sunlight, wind and water, amplify the impacts of alternate energy. The use of sunlight, wind and water as energy, causes the least amount of damage to the environment. These sources are replenished naturally. These sources are called renewable energy sources, as they are renewed by themselves – naturally.

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