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Responsible Energy Plans for a Better Planet
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:18 PM
Author: admin

Responsible energy plans begin with energy plans that keep the environment in mind. Responsible energy plans help us keep the environment from deteriorating, and make use of alternative sources of energy. The primary source of fuel or energy is petroleum. Throughout the ages, people were always finding alternative sources of energy and fuel, in order to save themselves from a possible natural disaster. For example, in the middle ages, coal was the alternative source of fuel for wood. If the people at that time had gone on with deforestation, then they would have definitely suffered a natural disaster because of the deforestation. Now, ethanol looks like it could be a very good alternative for petroleum. In Brazil, the use of ethanol is very famous; it is being employed in almost all the fuel stations in the country.

Responsible energy plans may suggest the use of renewable energy. Renewable energy refers to the sources of energy which can be replenished naturally. These include solar power, hydro power, wind power, geothermal power and modern bio mass. All these energy sources are naturally replenished, and the use of these sources of energy makes sure that the environment is not polluted with toxic substances either. For example, petroleum which is the primary source for fuel, gives out the highest amount of carbondioxide in to the atmosphere, which in turn causes global warming. Now with these responsible energy plans, all these renewable sources of energy do not produce any such harmful effects.

Hydro electricity makes up for the largest share of renewable energy that is being used. In the generation of electricity, hydro electricity accounts for about 18% of the electricity generated worldwide. If many more people keep coming up with responsible energy plans, soon, the whole world will see a change in the environment, making it more suitable to live in, by removing all the toxic substances out of it, and it could also help in reversing the global warming effect. Carbondioxide, which is a product of the combustion of petroleum, accounts for about 30 percent of the greenhouse gasses.

Responsible energy plans should eliminate the production of carbondioxide into the atmosphere. Of course, all living things breathe out carbon dioxide, but when compared to the amount of carbon dioxide that is being produced by all the vehicles, the industries and all other factors, this amount becomes a very small percentage of the total carbondioxide produced.

It is not only necessary to have responsible energy plans, but also to implement them, in order for us to have a better planet!

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