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A Word from John Hofmeister
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Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:08 PM
Author: admin

The unaffordable energy bills are creating a serious problem in the USA. But can we think of life without electricity or cooking gas, the bare necessities of life? Energy causes things to move, run, change or happen. Each and every human being uses energy and other sources for his basic needs, and to increase their basic standard of living. The increase in use of energy has led to unaffordable energy bills and this is creating a lot of problems to most households, in the USA.

USA is the key oil consuming nation and hence, the ever increasing rise in the prices of crude oil by the suppliers, is creating great trouble for them. But what are the actual causes of such unaffordable energy bills?

The major causes may be cited as the following:-

  • Global economic expansion – There is higher than expected increase in the demand, in the industrialized countries.
  • US demand has soared up due to strengthening economic recovery and greater need for higher grade crude oil suitable for processing into petrol for the Sport Utility Vehicles.
  • It is Saudi Arabia only that has the spare capacity to make it available in the market. They are taking the full advantage of their position that is causing the unaffordable energy bills.
  • Unrest in the political field: – Differences of opinions has led to the terrible wars and killings, mostly in the energy supplying countries like Saudi Arabia, and certain other Arabian countries. The disruption of supply has led to increase in prices of energy, leading to unaffordable energy bills.
  • Environmental regulations: It demands new grades of energy and the processes to serve so many different markets, is highly expensive. Technology is going through radical changes and thereby, the use of energy too has innumerable variations, which again become the cause of the unaffordable energy bills.

But energy supply is a must for human life to go on. One can never stay without lighting up his home; cooking gas or driving to his workplace. Energy is a part and parcel of life. Hence, we are forced to meet with the unaffordable energy bills.

The only possible way to reduce the bills is to consume energy as less as possible. Use of power must be restricted by the authorities, so that there is even supply to everyone, and can thereby reduce unaffordable energy bills.

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