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High Gas Prices
Monday, May 17, 2010@ 11:48 AM
Author: admin

In the fast moving and rapidly developing world of today, where energy is a very important requirement for all the day-to-day activities it is very much necessary to keep in mind the rise in prices of energy resources especially gas which is used by man in almost all spheres of work. Petroleum and other non-renewable products that are scarce and available in only a limited quantity have been subject to high prices due to its reckless and incessant use by most people today. In fact, the high gas prices are a real cause of worry for people all over the world as it devours a sizeable portion of their income, thereby reducing their purchasing power and disrupts the standard of living of the common person. This in turn leads to civil unrest and protests.

In many countries where politics has a strong hold and where people are incensed by political leaders for their own selfish purpose the high gas prices can in fact cause a tumultuous wave of revolution and disrupt the normal life of the people. Civil unrest and protests that arise as a result of the high gas prices can in fact lead to mass agitation and violence and cause loss especially in the automobile and other related industries, leading to a huge drop in sales and makes the company suffer untold losses.

Foreign investors who see this particular atmosphere of the nation resulting from high gas prices will be discouraged and thus the country loses the valuable exchange and benefits that come along with foreign investments. Major players in the automobile industries like Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW, etc, may be forced to close down their outlets and set up new markets elsewhere in the continent making it difficult to bring quality cars to the common man of today.

If we take into account the balance of trade and the import of the country, we can find that gas makes up the highest part of the total. As the fossil reserves are less and geography of the nation is one that limits further exploration of places that may contain huge deposits of oil high gas prices is a serious burden on the economy of the nation.

Overall, the fact that scientist have not been able to fully tap the benefits of the renewable sources of energy makes the high gas prices unbearable. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt those means where sources of energy like wind, water, sunlight can be incorporated and tapped to meet the needs of the common person. So let us take a firm step to conserve these non-renewable sources so that we may beat the burden of high gas prices and make life a lot more comfortable for all.

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