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National Enery Policy Considered
Monday, May 17, 2010@ 11:53 AM
Author: admin

Every government plans its resources and their usage to benefit the country. The National Energy Policy includes all aspects of energy development, production, distribution and of course consumption. It will also include energy conservation and taxation. Energy is of utmost importance in our life in countless ways.

The energy that we use today generally comes from the fossil fuels and unless we try and explore the newer renewable sources there would be soon a time when we will just run out of them. We need to consider the long term effects that might affect us as well like the environment, depletion of the natural sources, pollution and global climate change. This is where the National Energy Policy comes in. It is the country’s challenge to develop an energy plan that would keep all of these in mind and strive to provide affordable and sufficient energy to the people of the country. It depends on the government to plan and use the energy resources available to us.

The National Energy Policy consists of many legal agreements and agency directives and gives importance to energy security and international policies regarding it. The major factors on which the National Energy Policy revolves are:

• International Energy security policy
• International trade agreements
• Legislations on energy activities like trade, storage and transport
• Statement regarding energy planning, generation, transmission and use
• Details of any energy related research and development
• Fiscal polices related to energy services and products
• Legislations affecting efficiency and emission standards

The above mentioned are the basic parameters on which the National Energy Policy is built. The countries build their policies keeping these parameters in mind but each policy gives utmost importance to the needs and demands of the country before anything. Each policy is unique to the specific needs of the country. For instance, the National Energy Policy of USA is defined by the federal, local state and public policies, all of which together address the issues of energy production, distribution and consumption not only for the present but also for the future.

Similarly Europe and United Kingdom both have National Energy Policy addressing the demands, resources and needs of the country. In case of UK, it has an ambitious goal to reduce carbon emission. Russia too has its own energy policy and is a super power supplying energy to the European Union. The energy policies are all made keeping in mind the benefit of the nation and for general welfare.

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