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No Sign of Let-up: Energy Blackouts in America
Monday, May 17, 2010@ 12:08 PM
Author: admin

The sudden surge in population has resulted in a dearth in energy supply all over the world. Approximately every four months, there are energy blackouts in America that affects half a million homes. Blackouts in America cause not only hospitals and television stations to black out, but also those other things such as elevators, trains, and traffic lights. Water treatment and pumping water to reservoirs requires electricity. Almost everything that makes our life comfortable depends on electricity, and energy blackouts in America will affect the normalcy of every person on the continent.

The frequency of large energy blackouts in America has exponentially increased in the coming years especially during the peak hours of the day. These blackouts can last for approximately a week and affect the public welfare and health of the people living in America. The lack of energy can affect the quality of life of every single person in America. The primary causes of energy blackouts in America are due to the use of energy resources for long distance transfers. This in turn affects the availability of the lines, increasing the risk for blackouts. There is an insufficient management of systems of the electricity network, and inadequate investments in the transmission infrastructure. The protective systems were also poorly aligned, which affected the reliability of the energy supply. All these factors combined, are the main causes the primary causes for energy blackouts in America.

Natural storms, human errors and mechanical failures also contribute to triggering an energy blackout.
The effect of energy blackouts in America also has a large impact on the social costs – there are heavy losses incurred for every blackout. While the frequency of blackouts has definitely not decreased, the frequencies increase during the late summer and late-winter months. This shows that blackout trends changes with the time of the year.

The technological improvements have definitely reduced the number of energy blackouts in America, even if they have not decreased the frequency of them. The energy crisis forces people to consider alternative means of power – such as solar or wind energy. Given the lack of guarantee of the prolonged supply, renewable energy sources are one way for Americans to avoid this energy crisis from hitting them hard.

The energy blackouts in America have begun to encourage people to conserve the energy, and support the development of alternative sources of power that are renewable and more abundant in supply.

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