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Addressing Our Future Energy Needs
Saturday, April 24, 2010@ 12:53 AM
Author: admin

Petroleum has been the critical element for development of numerous industries in the last two centuries. The receding supply of petroleum has sparked off the search for crude through offshore drilling.  The process of oil exploration with offshore drilling is a tedious and intensive one.  Oil wells are dug miles into the earth or the sea shore in the hope of finding natural gas. Oil and gas have been much under the spotlight because the global specter of rising oil prices strains the economies of the world.

The infrastructure that we need to build on should carefully wean us away from our complete dependency on oil. Beyond doubt we need to produce more energy as the present energy crisis has pushed us to the brink. Natural gas is on the decline and repeated oil exploration has simply depleted our resources. The energy demands of the present century are dependent on the power infrastructure of the 20th century. The first needed step is to conserve the existing supply by using oil and gas much more efficiently. The second step is to quickly increase our use of sustainable energy. More energy can be created by opting for renewable resources like solar energy, wind energy or hydroelectric energy, which all offer greater environmental protection.

Research proves that the present technical advances in digital communication and renewable energy have the ability to facilitate a transition. For example, by using a combination of solar energy and wind energy, among other sources rather than depending upon them individually, we could interconnect individual solar generation sites along with arrays of wind sites which are in geographically diverse places. In the pyramidal representation, conventional models have the least energy efficiency and renewability as indicated in the peak of the pyramid; the next generation of power sources brings it to the broader spectrum of the pyramid with the least use of coal and nuclear fuel at the top of the pyramid. Wind energy and solar energy can be aptly used to bring in more energy efficiency and green energy. To tackle the ever increasing demand for fossil fuels, use of electric power or substituting it with clean renewable (sustainable) fuels to power vehicles would be the way forward.

Energy companies have to take the cue to produce de-carbonized electric supply through distributed supply technologies. This will have a strong positive influence on production of green energy and will be able to tackle global warming. The world’s shared goal comes closer: bring better environmental protection and better progress for the future.

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