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Greener Energy for a Better Future
Saturday, April 24, 2010@ 1:24 AM
Author: admin

The energy crisis has rippled through the economy and created a sea-change in growth, production and sustenance across the planet. Energy on a global scale is sourced from the mass-energy producing fossil fuels such as petroleum. The two chief by-products of petroleum applied in our day-to-day life are gasoline and fuel oil.

Knowing the rate at which fossil fuel reserves are getting depleted due to infrastructure building activities, mining, construction, deforestation etc and the exponential increase in the demand for fuel, the world’s attention is swiftly shifting towards creating sustainable energy sources that will go a long way towards advancing environmental protection.

Offshore drilling for tapping oil or petroleum resources in sea-beds or other water bodies has on occasion had disastrous effects on the environment. Such hazards do not foresee progress for the future. For instance, offshore oil drilling can trigger seismic activities that may be otherwise dormant in the earth’s crust. Other environment concerns regarding petroleum include production of pollutant wastes that are either allowed to mix with the water bodies flowing into merging with the sea, or end up polluting large tracts of land that might have been farmland or animal habitats.

Offshore exploration and oil drilling also cause severe damage to the surrounding marine habitats. As a matter of fact, such measures, according to environmentalists, have led to a sharp decline in the population of some endangered species of whales. Additionally, oil spills due to accidents during transportation or effluent secretion into wetlands or seawater have led to the destruction of many natural habitats and ecosystems.

Greenhouse gases, disturbed ecosystems, global warming and the looming energy crisis are early warnings of a future in jeopardy. So environmentalists, politicians and industrialists are working together to create green energy and move the nation towards energy independence to resolve a host of problems associated with fossil fuel extraction. Apart from government efforts to look at the renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen power, companies like Shell Oil, a global giant in offshore oil drilling and petroleum products, are redirecting efforts towards alternative energy sources and green energy initiatives.

Many groups in the petrochemical and oil industries operating across the planet have a vision for the future: to conserve energy while preserving our environment, and to produce more energy that is eco-friendly for the future.

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