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Non-renewable petroleum and natural gas resources: conserve or produce
Saturday, April 24, 2010@ 1:51 AM
Author: admin

We all know it is near impossible to imagine life without transportation. Oil and petroleum resources are by far a boon we cannot live without, especially in today’s day and age, with people having so many cars, and with transportation running almost wholly on this. While there are numerous natural gas plants to generate electricity, there is also a need to conserve the meager amount of petroleum and oil we have on our planet, by turning more and more to what are known as renewable sources of energy, in our environment.

While using other natural sources to produce energy, such as hydroelectric plants, and many solar energy and wind driven plants, there is by far, great economic potential in mining and in obtaining newer permits, for offshore drilling of oil and petroleum. The new government is moving towards strengthening the economy with fuel independence as its goal, so that the US does not bank as heavily as it did, on the Middle East nations, for their wealth of oil resources. However, there are many problems faced, with regard to having a safe and secure environment, to live in.

Oil spills from an offshore rig can easily kill large square miles of aquatic life, and there is also the question of emptying produced water, which is also unhealthy, into the oceans and seas, managing these toxic wastes pose an equally big concern, when investing in new drilling operations, across the US coastline.  The new proposal by the government to begin extensive offshore oil rigging operations, has been met with opposition, although they are stressing the importance of being self-sustaining in the area of oil and petroleum, and also in talking about the huge revenue it can generate.  While a large number of people oppose the proposed drilling of Bristol Bay, which is home to teeming aquatic life, the actual drilling procedure would of course take years to begin, and be set up effectively.

There is much noise being made about how newer operations can provide as much as three years worth of supply of oil, and over two years of natural gas, considering the current consumption rates of the American population. There is however, a lot at stake, and the balance of the environment is a huge concern to all. Meanwhile, it is important to use as much as we can, of other non polluting sources of energy, and effectively channel them to run our various operations. With many companies vying to produce solar cars, and electrically charged vehicles, the battle is on for the environment, and for saving the precious existing reserves, of non renewable energy sources.

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Oil and petroleum resources
Saturday, April 24, 2010@ 1:46 AM
Author: admin

Oil and petroleum are the most expensive natural resources, which are depleting fast. There is a huge focus on creating a greater amount of oil and petrol independence in the country, and also to protect the environment. Obama’s plans are for a new focus on energy, and to begin drilling around the Atlantic Ocean near the south of Delaware, on the west coast of Florida, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a huge need for energy, and also a need to shift focus to traditional sources of energy, such as solar energy, to conserve our non-renewable resources.

The idea to drill off the Atlantic has been applauded by many industrial barons, and they are supporting this huge move, as a good bid towards adding production to the oil and petroleum industry, while also helping with the economy recovering and giving it a huge boost in the right direction. Drilling the coasts however, is not going to reduce the cost of gas or petrol; and with rising oil prices, this is a damping statement.

Offshore oil and gas production is quite a challenge to any government, and also a huge investment in terms of the economy and financial resources available, as well as in giving some great returns on it. There may be drilling platforms set up at a height of say 200 meters or more, or a platform for drilling may be done along with a mooring system, to keep them fixed on location.  Many drilling operations are done where sand is separated from the sea, by pumping it onshore and having installations done. There is a lot being done to bring professional personnel into managing and moving people, as well as equipment, in the most economical way possible, and to get as many sources as possible, to get floor space and sets done up for offshore rigs, all over certain key areas of the United States.

There are also environmental risks associated with oil spills, which have many environmentalists opposing the move. However, the economical implication still gives a huge push forward, to making a move in the right direction, to locate oil, petroleum and natural gas resources.  Offshore drilling and installing the necessary equipment and resources are also challenging in terms of having to conquer the elements and to be in a position to overcome various difficulties, while running a large facility of mining and production of oil resources.

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