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Energy Infrastructure
Friday, May 14, 2010@ 11:02 PM
Author: admin

Energy Infrastructure

Energy infrastructure is not adequate globally for the growing population and for a stable economy.  In fact, there is energy crisis experienced everywhere and global leaders are all on the lookout for ways to tackle the energy crisis. A well planned energy infrastructure that would adhere to all and for future generations are the main concern of global leaders.  Energy supplies are most important for homes, for fueling stations, for businesses, for a robust economy.  Presently more than 80% of the country’s energy infrastructure is owned and controlled by the private managements.  A systematic and well-planned energy infrastructure is necessary for our nations’ security, for the economic security and for a healthy way of life.   All local, state and federal governments along with the people should work together to hold together as well as upgrade this energy infrastructure.

Our energy infrastructure is not enough to confront unforeseen situations.  Our aging electricity distribution system should be transitioned with a much more sophisticated smart power grid. We should upgrade our energy infrastructure to handle unforeseen situations like terrorist attacks, blackouts, natural disasters, etc.  These natural calamities and terrorist attacks have the ability to influence the security of our existing energy infrastructure. In addition, there are restrictions to acquiring new power plants, oil refineries, LNG terminals and tankers due to uncertainly in regulations, permitting challenges and organized oppositions.  Many of the new implements in energy infrastructure have been suspended or delayed due to these reasons.

The federal government along with nine federal agencies is now responsible for protecting the existing energy infrastructure, including nuclear reactors, hydroelectric dams and chemical facilities.  Our government is now coordinating with other foreign governments and other international organizations for protecting and upgrading the energy infrastructure worldwide. Technologies for developing renewable energy sources like wind power and solar power are done on a global basis.  Nuclear fission is also encouraged but the occurring harmful side effects are also taken into consideration.
There are several acts to support the modernization of the existing energy infrastructure.  Besides increasing the existing renewable power, steps are taken to reduce energy consumption to preserve for the future and to help reduce environmental pollution.  Global warming is of concern that is the cause of environmental pollution.  Energy conservation by reduced energy consumption would also result in a healthy environment and reduce the risks of global warming.

The federal government’s new energy infrastructure aims at upgrading the renewable sources of energy, and for preserving the existing energy for the future generations.   A well-planned energy infrastructure will increase financial capital, environmental value; will give personal security and national security and human comfort.

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