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A Word from John Hofmeister
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John Hofmeister criticizes US energy, climate policy in 2006
Monday, May 10, 2010@ 4:59 PM
Author: admin

Shell Oil chief: U.S. needs global warming plan

‘Waste of time’ to keep debating, he says in speech on energy habits

Associated Press
Sept . 8, 2006

ST. LOUIS – Touting the importance of a “culture of conservation” and investment in alternative fuels, John Hofmeister sounded less a leader of the world’s third-largest oil company as much as a speaker at an Earth Day celebration.

The Shell Oil Co. president, addressing a group in St. Louis Thursday, said as far as the company was concerned, the debate over the science of global climate change is over.

“It’s a waste of time to debate it,” he said. “Policymakers have a responsibility to address it. The nation needs a public policy. We’ll adjust.”

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