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A Word from John Hofmeister
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John Hofmeister on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday June 20 2010
Friday, June 18, 2010@ 5:24 PM
Author: admin

ALERT!!   *** John Hofmeister meets with David Gregory on Meet The Press THIS SUNDAY ***

John Hofmeister joins Senator Mary Landrieu, Congressman Ed Markey, BBC’s Katty Kay, Governor Hailey Barbour and Ken Feinberg, the appointed administrator of BP’s escrow fund, on this Sunday’s Meet the Press. Tune in to watch them discuss the latest status of the oil spill in the gulf, the government’s response, and the reaction to BP’s testimony this week.

Click here to find air times for Meet The Press in your market.

Check here for further updates on John Hofmeister’s media appearances….


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