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A Word from John Hofmeister
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Managing Energy Resources for the Future
Saturday, April 24, 2010@ 1:03 AM
Author: admin

In recent years, there have been many informative adverting campaigns on our television which sensitize viewers to the importance of preserving petroleum. We have seen in the course of the past three decades how the petroleum resources cause of wars being fought, economic shock, and general uncertainty. It is indeed devastating to think about our lives without these fossil fuels. Isn’t it scary to consider that when petroleum becomes rare our automobile industry, our airline industry and all those vehicles running on petrol could effectively come to a grinding halt? In that scenario, we can only picture a return of the cave-man days when walking will be the standard way to travel from one place to another.

There is no doubt that petroleum has brought innumerable benefits to civilization. Quality of life has improved with the use of gasoline in the internal combustion engines that power machines and vehicles. Oil and gas have been the power behind industry, and the source of heating fuel to provide comfort to homes. Heavy vehicles are powered by diesel. Energy companies produce everyday items from cosmetics to crayons and candles with the help of petroleum byproducts. The residues like tar, pitch and asphalt have traditionally been used for roads and to seal boats and to preserve wood.

The precarious situation of fast dwindling resources of petroleum has been a cause of concern for us all.  All around the world, the imbalance of demand versus supply has been one of the causes of spikes in oil prices. The oil price has escalated sharply three times, from $30 a barrel in 2008 to around $85 today. We all know that fossil fuels have been depleting rapidly. They also produce carbon dioxide as waste, which has been deposited in the atmosphere. These carbon residues have been identified as the major cause of global warming. These adverse effects have resulted in concerted efforts to find alternative and sustainable energy sources.

Use of sustainable energy is a rewarding option since this energy can benefit not just the present but the future also. While speaking of sustainable energy, solar energy and wind energy are the first to find their mention among energy conservationists. In the present context, we must look at solar energy or wind energy through the prism of environmental protection too since any renewable energy should not cause more global warming.

Oil and gas have fueled the world’s economies and in the coming years we should hopefully make new forays into green energy. Our energy companies have to build a stronger infrastructure that brings more green energy to the world.

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